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Eligibility Statement: DoD Personnel & families - including military members, all Service & Guard, Reserve, military retirees, DoD civilians, NAF personnel & immediate family members. Other uniformed services include US Coast Guard, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, uniformed State Department personnel, Public Health Service personnel & members of units assigned or attached to a US installation.



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Capstone Review is the culminating activity to verify whether SMs have/have not met their Career Readiness Standards (CRS).  The Capstone Review, in conjunction with the ITP, will be used by the TAP counselor and the commander (or commander’s designee) to verify status of CRS completion.  The CRS are defined as a set of common and specific activities and associated relevant deliverables (documentation within the last 12 months) that must be achieved to demonstrate SMs are prepared to transition effectively and pursue their personal post-separation higher education, career technical training, or civilian employment goals.


Once the Capstone Review is complete, the SM will electronically sign the eForm, then the transition counselor will electronically sign and send to commander/commanders designee through the ES for electronic signature.  Once the eForm is signed by the commander/commanders designee, the SM will be able to print out a PDF version of the eForm (DD Form 2648).  Once all mandates have been met, the A&FRC may clear SM from vOP.


Capstone is required for all eligible separating/retiring personnel and should occur NLT 90 days prior to anticipated separation/retirement; however, if a member has less than 90 days left in the military, the SM should attend as soon as possible within their remaining period of service.  There are No Exemptions for these requirements.  


Capstone is conducted at the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) every Wednesday from 1400-1500.


**Space is limited, registration is required. 

Required Career Readiness Standards for


Members must provide ALL of the below completed documents (hardcopy or eletronic) to A&FRC staff at the scheduled Capstone event meeting.  No exemptions will be made for missing items -- A&FRC staff cannot verify DoD compliance and Commanders should not sign the electronic form unless member has successfully met the below requirements.


  • Completed the DoD Standardized Individual Transition Plan (ITP). *You must have Acrobat Pro to use the fillable ITP document.
  • Military retirees must complete pages 1-8 of the ITP and sepratees must complete pages 1-8 along with one of the post-transition career pathways (Employment, Education, Technical Training or Entrepreneurship).

Individual Transition Plan


  • Prepared DoD Standardized 12-month post-separation budget reflecting personal/family goals.

12 Month Projection Budget


  • Registered for eBenefits.

eBenefits - Register for Premium Account


  • Completed a Continuum of Military Service Opportunity counseling
  • Evaluated transferability of military skills to civilian workforce (MOC CROSSWALK) and completed DoD standardized gap.


MOC Crosswalk


  • Completed an assessment tool to identify personnel interests and learnings regarding career selection.
  • Documented requirements and eligibility for licensure, certifiation, and apprenticeship. competed pages 6-8 of ITP.

Assessment Tool


  • Completed a job application package (resume, personal/professional references and, if required, application) or presented a job offer letter.



Resume Guide available

Additional Resume/References Example


  • Received a DOL Gold Card and understands post 9/11 Veterans have priority for 6 months at DOL American Job Centers.

DOL Gold Card


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