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Eligibility Statement: DoD Personnel & families - including military members, all Service & Guard, Reserve, military retirees, DoD civilians, NAF personnel & immediate family members. Other uniformed services include US Coast Guard, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, uniformed State Department personnel, Public Health Service personnel & members of units assigned or attached to a US installation.



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All AF members should be assigned a sponsor at their gaining location to assist them in preparing for their move as well as helping during the new arrival.


If you have not heard from a sponsor within 60 days of your RNLTD, contact the A&FRC for assistance in locating your sponsor.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? The eSponsor training is located here: eSponsor

Quick Start Guide for Sponsors


Logon and Register


Logon to the eSponsorship Application & Training (eSAT) application at Complete the Sponsor Registration with your information.


Complete the eSponsorship Training


Continue to the eSponsorship Training. The training is self-paced and self-correcting. This training includes 10 questions and should only take 15 minutes to complete. Once you complete the eSAT training, download (PDF) the Sponsorship Duties Checklist and obtain your certificate of completion for your records or for your unit. Select “Continue.”


NOTE: You must complete the eSAT training in order to proceed to your sponsorship duties the first time.


Create Transferee Record & Make Initial Contact with Newcomer


1. Create the newcomer’s Transferee Record, you only need a minimum of information here but you do need a working email address.


2. Select the newcomer’s record from the My eSponsorship Duties page,

Process Manager box at the bottom of the page to continue.


3. The eSponsorship Process Manger tells you exactly what you need to do next. The first step is “Initial Contact.” Select the “edit” button, next to your newcomer’s name. eSAT will provide you with an initial contact e-mail. You may edit this or send it as is. It contains the link to the newcomer needs assessment.


You will also receive a copy of this e-mail for your records.


Review the Newcomer’s Needs Assessment


Once your transferee receives the initial contact e-mail, they will complete the Needs Assessment. When they have completed and submitted their Needs Assessment, you will receive an e-mail notification. Logon to eSAT, go to the My Transferees Sponsorship Duties page, and use the eSponsorship Process Manager to view the Needs Assessment.


Prepare the Welcome Letter/Package


After you review the transferee’s Needs Assessment, you should contact them with any questions. Then use the eSponsorship Process Manger to create the Welcome Letter. You may send the Welcome Letter as is, or you may customize it and add an attachment. The Welcome letter includes hot-links that will take the newcomer to important information about your installation. Save and Send the Welcome Letter.


Note: If you need more than one attachment, the Welcome Letter attachments can be zipped together into one file and attach the folder. However, some e-mail systems strip .zip files. If you rename the file with a .piz, it should work. Another idea is to PDF all the information you wish to send together and attach a PDF.


Stay in Touch with the Newcomer


Stay in touch with your newcomer, and follow the guidance in the Sponsorship Duties Checklist and your knowledge of your duties to be an effective sponsor. Remember that your duties are not done until the transferee is settled in to the unit and new quarters.


Note: the eSAT application only tracks major communications in the sponsorship process; it does not track all of your communications with the newcomer. You will be communicating by phone and email outside of the system as well.


Complete the eSAT Feedback


Soon after your transferee arrives, you will be sent an e-mail that asks you to logon to the eSAT application and complete a short feedback form of this sponsorship effort. Complete the feedback form immediately. Your responses will be used to improve the eSAT application and the sponsorship process for the entire DoD.

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